When weighing up a decision there are a whole host of factors that come into play. You may like to make a list of pros and cons for example or do a cost-benefit analysis. You may even ring all your closest friends and ask for their advice.

Here’s another approach.

Sometimes, when weighing up whether to take a particular course of action it can be helpful to consider whether we are making a decision based on love, or based on fear?

Are we thinking of taking that job for example because we’re afraid that an opportunity like that may never come around again? Are we worried what our partner may say if we turn it down?

Or does the thought of taking the job fill us with light, love, and excitement? Do we feel alive with possibility, or beaten into submission?

Use this framework simply as a way of adding new insight to your decision.

I’ve created a template for you to help with this.

It always helps to write things out, especially with the aid of visuals. Feel free to print it out here and as always, let me know how you get on.