What a difference a doodle makes

‘Oh, oh, oh it’s a cloud with legs!’ Everyone in the room collapsed with laughter. It was the inaugural graphics open┬ácourse and I was beginning to remember why I love this work so much.

Humour isn’t the only great thing about hand drawn graphics and cartoons. The playful
element also plays a key role in how we process and absorb information. Far from being silly or childish there are strong benefits to working with people using visuals. These include…

  • First and foremost over 80% of us are visual thinkers. This means we find it much easier to absorb information from pictures than from words alone. If you are in the business of conveying, sharing or imparting information then the experience will undoubtedly be enhanced by the use of visuals.
  • Visuals (especially hand drawn graphics) are low tech. Oh, how wonderful in this tech saturated world! You can use them anytime, any place, anywhere. Cavemen drew pictures on the insides of their caves; we can use similar tools and processes today to convey meaning in an effective and powerful way.
  • Visuals are memorable. I will never forget that cloud with legs (sheep).
  • As the name of our course suggests you can use visuals to draw out ideas, to capture key themes and concepts. Training courses, events, planning sessions and coaching conversations all benefit enormously from the use of visuals.
  • Visuals are engaging and lively. They spark creativity, increase participation and act as a basis for discussion.
  • Visuals can be used to express complex ideas simply. They can tell a story far more effectively than powerpoint slides or dense blocks of text.

One of the best things about creating visual information is that you neither have to be a graphic designer nor have a degree in art. Creating hand drawn visuals is a skill that can be learnt.

And as I stated at the beginning of this piece it is also enormous fun. As a trainer I often see how fun and laughter has a positive impact on the learning experience, raising energy levels and creating an experience worth sharing. What is there to lose?!

Join me for Secrets of Simple Graphics on September 5th 2017 to find out for yourself!