Training Design

Bring your training to life with simple graphics

We’ve all been in training rooms where the content is great, but it’s let down by the method of delivery.

Perhaps there’s an overkill of PowerPoint, far too many text based handouts or simply an overwhelming amount of material.

As a trainer, there is just so much to think about to ensure the day goes well. The design of your training plays a key role.

It can be difficult to find the time and energy to come up with new ways to breathe life into your training. Perhaps you have some ideas but you’re too close to the material to see what it needs or you feel your don’t have the skills to add some creative flair.

I can bring your training to life. Services include:

Green doodle curly whirly

Services include:

  • Designing training from scratch.


  • Enhance your existing offering with a graphics ‘makeover’ – you are happy with the core content, you simply want to infuse your training with the life and energy of hand drawn graphics. 


  • Blend your existing training with my training (for those of you who have been on one of my courses). For example you’re running a session on global citizenship and you would like delegates to explore this through the use of graphics. You’re running a session on coaching; you’re familiar with coaching templates and you’d like to introduce these into your session.

‘Thanks for taking the time to understand our goals and helping to design the day creatively and achieve practical business outcomes.’

Sam Mitchell

Investment Administrator, Baillie Gifford

Green doodle curly whirly

Benefits of this unique style of training


Increased engagement – 80%-90% of people are visual learners – this method of training ensures they are they are engaged and participating fully (without excluding everybody else!)

More life, fun and energy in your training – both for you as a trainer and for your delegates

Unique selling point – stand out as a trainer, get people talking about your training, gain a competitive advantage.

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