Visual Facilitation

Engaging hearts and minds through simple graphics

At its core visual (or graphic) facilitation is a tool through which we gain consensus, make decisions, clarify ideas and concretise plans. It is designed to be a democratic method for collaboration and contribution.

Generally speaking graphic facilitation makes use of large scale visual templates that frame and give structure to a conversation.  (see examples by The Grove Consultants below)

‘Hi Emer, Thank you so much for the great day we had yesterday. It was amazing that people who had previously spent so little time together could achieve such a lot and create a shared vision in such a short time. I think you’re a terrific facilitator and I’m very glad indeed that you were there to guide us to such positive outcomes.’

Sue Irving

Chief Executive, Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service

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Strategic Visioning and Team building Away Days

This is one of my most popular services and an area I love working in. Supporting a team to work together to achive joint outcomes is a privelege. I typically work with teams who may:


  • Have recently restructured – new members have joined or members have left
  • Wish to explore thoughts and feelings around an upcoming change
  • Not normally (or ever) work together and need to achieve outcomes and make decisions in a short space of time
  • Want to set their vision in a creative and inspiring environment
  • Need the input of an external facilitator for objectivity and to ensure outcomes are met

‘Shakti Women’s Aid would highly recommend Emer for any team-building session or other staff day scenario. She made sure that our large group, with our many diverse opinions and backgrounds and skills, all felt that they were heard and valued. The exercises she gave our groups seemed unusual; they turned out to be fun, collaborative, and to highlight our strengths.’

Girijamba Polubothu

Chief Executive, Shakti Women's Aid

How it works:

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1. I speak with you to discuss your objectives for the session.


2. I design a questionnaire in order to garner the views of everyone attending on the day.


3. I design the day the agenda for the day and chek this over with you to ensure you are happy with what I have created


4. I design and create large scale visual templates – normally based on Grove Strategic Visioning strategy, Person Centred Planning, NLP or a blend of different disciplines.


5. I facilitate the day (and everyone has a great time!)


6. I send you the digital outputs after the event to use for record keeping.


Design and creation of ‘tracking templates’ to ensure outcomes agreed are on track

3, 6 or 12 month follow up and review

‘Emer was suggested as a facilitator by a staff member who had been impressed with her work. We needed to bring together a number of new board members with our staff team to do a strategic look forward. There was real focus on what we needed to achieve but the day itself didn’t drag and was kept ‘strategic’. I would confidently recommend Emer to any organisation who wished to look at the core purpose or simply wanted to refresh their vision.’.

Gavin Yeats

Chief Executive, Homeless Action Scotland


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