Do you ever feel bombarded with messages that tell you you should be fitter, happier, eat more ‘superfoods’ and use coconut oil instead of shampoo?

It’s quite possibly the worst cloud under which to make plans, set goals and y’know, be a better person.

And the thing is, goals don’t really work if we only use one half of our brains. Typically we set goals using purely the left side of our brain – the side that works with logic, planning, structure and so forth.

Sure, all that is important but if we really want to set goals we are aligned with and feel excited about then it’s important to tap into the right side of our brain – the side that speaks to our creativity, intuition and imagination.

Here are a few fun exercises to wake up the right side of your brain:

* Draw a picture of a loved one, family member or pet without looking at the page you are drawing on (I can see that one turning into quite a fun dinner party game come to think of it).

* Stand up, reach behind your back and grab your right ankle with your left hand. Now grab your left ankle with your right hand. Alternate between the two until you begin to fill dizzy. (If you’re unable to do this simply imagine your left hand touching your right ankle etc. It will work just as well)

* Impress your friends with your new juggling skills. Yes, that’s right, you too can juggle with the aid of a friendly satsuma. Your task here is not to look at the satsuma but to stare at a fixed point in the distance whilst maintaining a sense of calm and dare I say it, smugness.

Exercises like these help us get into the flow of creative thinking. It’s when we’re in the flow that we get our best ideas. It’s one of the reasons I love drawing so much. It’s so absorbing and refreshing to be using the right side of the brain, especially when we live in a society which is oh so left brain orientated.

Give these exercises a go, and as always, let me know how you get on!

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