Joy of Business

An autumnal glow to bring light to your business

If the past two years have taught us anything it’s that life is too short.

Too short to not be enjoying life, to not be sharing your gifts, to not have the impact you know you can have.


Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You work too much. Do you crave a 4 day work week but never seem to make it happen?

  • You agree to work that just isn’t you out of habit, pressure or external influence. Every time you do it eats away at your soul a little bit.

  • You’re not bringing enough of YOU into your work – perhaps you long to create a unique programme of your own instead of delivering other peoples’ content.

  • You have lots of ideas for your business but struggle to settle on which one to focus on at any given time – this lack of focus eats up your energy and leaves you depleted.

  • Your, ‘One day I’ll…’ keeps on getting pushed back. 

        Something has to give, and right now it’s your time and energy.

      Hi, I'm Emer

      Grey doodle curly whirly


      I’ve been self employed since 2007. Why did I become self employed? Well, the truth is I didn’t like being told what to do. I am an ideas person and every job I was in I came up with ideas for how to do things – better, more efficiently, with less stress, and more joy. At every point my ideas were turned down.  I just didn’t fit the mould of someone who tows the party line.

      It was time to create my own party.

      Fast forward 15 years and I am still making waves, on my own terms.

      I have created a business where developing, marketing and selling my own signature programmes is a joy and not a burden. My work is always changing, shifting and growing and and I am now at peace with this natural evolution.

      Emer is wonderful human being, who also happens to be a talented facilitator, coach and graphic illustrator. You will benefit as much from her presence as from the wealth of knowledge she has to share, so I would highly recommend working with her.

      Sarah Lowes

      Excalibur Development

      Great variety of exercises to get us thinking differently and unstick some assumptions or unhelpful habits of mind. Really excellently facilitated, Emer – thank you! Your coaching was light touch but beautifully targeted.
      Rose Beauchamp

      Freelance Communications Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

      I’ve reconnected back to self, values and passions… coming back to who I am… I’m valuing myself more highly… I’ve stopped trying to do so much… I’m enjoying life more.

      Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

      The Joy of Business is about cutting through the heaviness and confusion of business. It’s about connecting with what puts you in a state of joy, alignment and flow.


      It involves three simple steps:

      1. Getting clear on your vision – I work with you to get clear on exactly what you want.

      Do you have a vision of working a 4 day week so you can spend more time with your family? Do you dream about finally writing that book? Do you yearn to spend more time doing work that sets you alight? Is your vision about creating more impact on the world?

      With Joy of Business we will be DRAWING out your vision! Research shows this increases your chances of success by 42%

      2. Creating a joyful action plan to support that vision – If the goals that support your vision feel heavy, obligatory or simply not aligned to where you are right now then you are unlikely to follow through on them. We see joy as an integral part of the process.

      3. Being held accountable as you encounter hurdles along the way – Realising your vision involves getting out of your comfort zone. This group will ensure you stay on track.

      If you’re thinking of joining Joy of Business, and are on the fence, stop thinking about it and do it!  Time is valuable but this programme is a really good use of it! 

      Running a business on your own can be tough and it’s easy to focus on doing things for everyone else and not push through on the things that are good for you and your businessthis programme really makes you focus on what you want to be doing, then provides support to help you get there in a fun and creative way (not the usual approach to business planning!) and being part of a programme and group greatly increases commitment and accountability – so things actually get done too!   

      Liz Moss

      Value & Worth Consulting Ltd.

      Emer’s infectious enthusiasm leaves me feeling inspired every time I do one of her courses. I recently attended her Draw out Your Future course. It was a fabulous six weeks.

      I learned a lot, got to play about with drawings, and be supported and encouraged by an amazing group of like-minded individuals. Goals I never knew I had appeared from the sea of infinite possibilities! I did her Secrets of Simple Graphics course a couple of years ago and it changed the way I write, teach and train. She makes everything so fun and accessible. Just brilliant.

      Emily Bryson

      ELT Materials Writer

      Join me on this joyful journey and look forward to…


      Clarity – When you know exactly what you are aiming for it makes the ‘how’ so much easier


      Confidence – When you have a clear vision you stand in your power. (And when you stand in your power you attract people to you.)

      Energy – Leap out of bed excited about the day ahead because you know you are moving one step closer to your vision. You are intrinsically motivated to make things happen!

      quiet sense of knowing you are on the right path. This melts away all the ‘heaviness’ of running a business.


      I knew you had been successfully organising open sessions for several years, and I wanted to learn from your experience. What was particularly helpful was having the “mind map” done so nicely and logically by you, drawing, during our discussion. It put things into perspective. Also, talking about my fears and worst case scenarios made me see that there are good options even if things don’t work out perfectly. I would certainly recommend this to others. In a very short time, you helped me make order in my thoughts, see a few options I hadn’t seen and tame my fears. Really appreciated! 🙂

      Magda Tabac

      Mind Training

      And that’s not all…

      Make the changes you’ve always wanted to make – faster and with greater satisfaction

      ChallengesShare challenges and successes with people who understand what you are going through.

      CoreCut to the core of what’s really important to you in your business

      JoyFind new joy in your work

      VisualRecordBoost confidence by having a visual record of your progress

      SupportedandInspiredFeel supported and inspired

      Nurture your creativity

      Easily see how everyone is doing and where you can help.

      Who this programme is for


      • You are a business owner who is ready for more joy, alignment and flow in your business and you know that now is the time to make that happen
      • Your business is a core part of your identity and you work it in full time
      • You consider yourself to be a motivated and driven person
      • You value creative methodologies




      Just some of what’s included


      Focussed Group Sessions 

      Regular Check Ins to ensure you’re on track

      Online hub to connect, share resources, upload action plans

      Golden opportunities for reflection

      Joy of Business includes:

      – structured facilitated sessions

      – connections and conversations with peers

      – creative exercises

      It is intuitively shaped to meet the needs of the cohort.

      Exercises may include:


      This programme is limited to 6-12 people. Be sure to book now to guarantee your place!


      This has felt so much more than a course. It’s really felt like a timely community of amazing women who are each seeking out what it really means to live their lives fully.

      I appreciate the way you’ve made things really holistic, and about us and about our thinking. I think that’s really testament to your investment in us relationally.

      I really want to encourage you really – what an amazing gift you’ve got – doing this with real integrity and warmth and enabling brilliant relationships so a massive thank you – it’s a real gift.

      Jenny Perrott

      Senior Manager, Leadership Development, TSB Bank

      I was drawn to the programme to try a different way of setting myself new year’s resolutions, which I rarely stick to. I wondered if this process might help me to come up with more impactful personal targets that I might actually commit to… and it absolutely did that and more!

      Emer has an engaging style and encourages a sense of camaraderie amongst group members, which enabled us to develop strong connections and support one another both during the sessions and in the Facebook group. I loved the way the programme flowed, and the visual images and imagery that Emer used both in the exercises we did and in her language. It really helped me to explore new ideas and options that I don’t believe would have come to the surface otherwise.

      I would absolutely recommend this programme. Without feeling overly dramatic or too intense, it was a highly impactful programme and it’s still resonating with me weeks after we finished.

      Sarah Lowes

      Director, Excalibur Development

      ‘In my line of work, I rarely come across talented and creative individuals like Emer, who can bring out our latent talents to the fore; and influence and improve the way we work. While Emer’s technical ability as a visual thinker is without doubt, I am also impressed by her relaxed confidence, ability as a coach to command a room, ability to change mindsets, and her constructive feedback. As a visual thinker, coach and facilitator, Emer has my highest recommendation.’

      Sandeep Jayan

      Private Companies Specialist, Baillie Gifford & co.

      Dates and Times

      ***New cohort starting September 2022***


      1:1 60 minute Fast Start Coaching Call w/c August 29th

      1:1 30 minute Reset Call halfway through the programme

      💫Online hub with weekly accountability prompts 


      Meeting of Minds


      8am -12pm UK time

      September 6th

      October 4th

      November 1st

      December 6th

      January 10th

      February 7th

      Fortnightly Fortitude


      10am – 1130am UK time

      September 22nd

      October 20th

      November 17th

      December 15th

      January 26th

      February 21st

      Minimum committment: attendance at 5 out of 6 Meeting of Minds

      Having attended Emer’s secrets of graphics course previously and a regular viewer of her free how-to-draw videos, I found the drawing aspect of DOYF fantastic. The big, unexpected outcome for me however was how much I learned from others in the group. Each week presented an opportunity to learn and discover more about other people’s goals, leaving me inspired and motivated to complete the weekly challenges.

      For anyone at a sticking point or in need of mixing up how they approach their goals, I would highly recommend attending the DOYF course.

      Ryan McKay

      Citadel Youth Centre

      The programme was great! Emer is a brilliant facilitator; she is encouraging and her templates really enabled me to gather my thoughts and articulate my direction. The group work was really helpful and the other people on the programme were interesting and supportive.

      I think for me the particularly useful aspects were the way that a graphical representation helps to make the brain work in a different way. I am a very linear person and this approach enabled me to see a much “bigger picture” perspective that I found invaluable. I really missed the programme once it was finished! I would thoroughly recommend it.

      Geraldine Locke

      Retirement Transition Coach

      I really enjoyed the visioning and the encouragement to draw and ‘see’ our thinking and feelings. I felt you ran/facilitated it really well Emer with encouragement, a ‘light touch’ but holding the space firmly, and a sense that you believed in our future selves. Thank you 🙂



      A creative journey through visioning and goal setting, with Emer as your very able guide. I feel renewed, restored and transformed. Thank you.
      Jane Clift

      Jane Clift Associates Ltd.

      £257 + VAT per month 

      for a 6 month period


      and I’ll be in touch 🙂


      Q. Do I have to be able to draw to partake in this programme?
      Absolutely not. Don’t worry if you haven’t drawn anything for years, or even if drawing is not your thing. We’ll mostly be making use of colourful visual templates throughout the programme. By all means draw and doodle on these if you want to, however there is no requirement to do so.
      Q. Is it just for trainers and facilitators?
      Definitely not! Whilst I do typically attract trainers and facilitators to my open courses this programme is for anyone who wishes to take control over their future and use a creative process to do so.