Very serious business topic today – how to draw Hallowe’en images.

Impress your colleagues, have fun with your kids, get that promotion (ok I might be pushing it there). Whatever you do make sure you grab this fun opportunity to put pen to paper!

1. The pumpkin.
When I was growing up we didn’t have pumpkins, we had turnips. All I could do was draw pumpkins in the hope of one day having one. Now you can too!

2. The bat
Bats are creepy. Bat silhouettes are even creepier…

3. The web
Remember that bumpy line we used to begin our bat drawing? Use the same line multiple times to create a spooky web.

4. The ghost
This time we’re starting with a bumpy line on the horizontal – for added fright factor give your ghost two different shaped eyes.

5. The spider
What’s the difference between a regular spider and a Hallowe’en spider? Fangs of course.

Where can you sneak in a spooky Hallowe’en image today? A Welcome poster at a training session? The top sheet of a report? A handwritten note to your colleague?

Happy Hallowe’en!