This week it’s time for our second article by Dave Fardoe in our ‘Simple Graphics as Therapy’ series. Click here to find out what happened last time)

 …the potential loss of everything I’d held close.

Suffice to say that in such circumstances the medical authorities don’t hang about; after the immediate treatment a battery of tests followed: MRI scans, CT scans, blood tests and more “sharp scratches” than I can count. And so it was that I found myself on June 17th (Fathers day) with my wife and our two kids preparing for major heart surgery the next morning, a procedure that would take over 9 ½ hours followed by several more hours in intensive care and 6 more days in hospital – it happened so fast, (for me, although my wife and kids told me those hours were long and slow), that my second cartoon emerged, reflecting me trying to process the trauma, with the apt tag line “What the hell just happened”.

“I’d advise you not to wait” was the phrase that my Cardiothorasic surgeon used, and that’s the kind of advice you listen to. It all seemed a whirlwind, what was going on, who would look after the family, the business, what about our plans – when I woke up, I’d joined the “Zipper Club” and had been given a quadruple bypass – I’d been told to expect a triple.  What the hell!!??


IP Dave Fardoe

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