This week it’s time for our fourth article by Dave Fardoe in our ‘Simple Graphics as Therapy’ series. Click here to find out what happened last time)

The first walks were ok, I got my feet and pushed on, it went well….

Back home it was a huge relief to be out of hospital and back in a familiar place, and yet, the new normal hasn’t quite established itself yet so some unknowns remain. Of course, there is residual pain to manage, your breast bone takes six months to heal and the mental impact at least that long, so the fourth cartoon wasn’t long in coming – what else could it be entitled but “Good Days / Bad Days”.

Your body takes a while to adjust, the breast bone alone takes six months to fully heal and your head at least that long, and some more – and so you have good days when you’re feeling better and everything’s bright, getting up and going for a walk or to the rehab is a pleasure, other days are not so good and moods clash and strong words can be spoken – accept these bad day, they happen – but move on…

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