‘Well, we were calling it Graphic Communication Skills but then someone said that was a bit rude…’

I was speaking to a client about an upcoming series of workshops and I could understand her plight.

With so many different words used in the industry – graphic communication, visual thinking, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, sketchnoting, visual planning etc – where do you begin?

Here’s a breakdown of the most used terminology so that when you’re talking about it, at least you know what you mean.

Graphics – graphics simply describes a combination of simple images and words to convey meaning.

Graphic Facilitation – this describes the facilitation of a process (strategic visioning forexample) using a graphic template. The facilitator is co-creating with the group. Visual Facilitation is the same thing.

Graphic Recording – this describes real time recording of a talk (for example) using simple images and words. The graphic recorder does not engage with the group. He/she is off to one side listening to what is being said. Sketchnoting is the same thing but done on a smaller scale, on a sketchpad.

Many people get confused between graphic recording and graphic facilitation. I often get enquiries for a graphic facilitator when the client really wants a graphic recorder.

Visual Thinking simply describes thinking and working in visuals. Because there is a naturally an element of communication in all aspects of this work the term visual communication is also often used.

In Secrets of Simple Graphics I go into more detail about the differences (as well as introducing custom illustration and graphic coaching), and we get to practice both graphic recording and graphic facilitation in a fun and safe environment.

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