We recently caught up with Emily Bryson, who attended Draw Out Your Future in January 2021, to ask some questions about her experience.



What motivated you to attend the programme in the first place? What problems were you experiencing that you hoped the programme would address?
I signed up to Draw Out Your Future mostly because I’m a big Emer fan. I knew I’d be in good hands. I’ve attended a few of Emer’s courses and training sessions and they’re always brilliant.

I wasn’t really experiencing any particular problems, I just wanted to have a bit of fun and mess about with drawing.

What reservations, if any, did you have about joining the programme?
I think the only reservation I had was about whether I really had the time to do the course. The beauty is that you can spend as little or as much time on it as you want. I found that once I got started completing Emer’s visual templates, I got totally absorbed in them. I’d be sucked in for hours sketch-noting my future. It was really therapeutic. I still have those completed visuals as a reminder of the distance I’ve travelled since then.


What elements of the programme really resonated with you?
I loved the metaphors in the visual templates. When my friends are pondering their direction in life, I now ask them what they’d do in the sea of infinite possibility. I found metaphorically removing any barriers to ambitions really powerful to help me think big and have the confidence to go for what I really wanted.

What did it feel like to be a participant on Draw Out Your Future? 
I really loved meeting new people and being inspired by their goals and successes. It was great to discuss future planning with like minded individuals. I’m still in touch with some of the participants. They’ve become friends, unofficial mentors and accountability buddies! Emer created a really safe space for people to open up and I feel like I got to know everyone very well in a very short space of time.

What would you say have been the impacts for you in Drawing Out Your Future? (personally/professionally)?
I had some ideas simmering on a back burner in a dark corner my head. I guess I’d convinced myself that they were unrealistic goals. During Emer’s course, I shared these with my peers, who encouraged me to go for them. Since then, I’ve made those ideas into reality. I now run courses in Graphic Facilitation, tailored especially for English Language Teachers. They’ve been extremely well received.



How would things be different for you now if you decided not to join Draw Out Your Future?
I think my business idea of Graphic Facilitation courses for ELT Professionals would still be on that back burner if it wasn’t for Emer’s course.

What would you say to someone who is considering going on the programme?
Do it. Don’t hesitate. You’ll look back on it as one of those crucial moments in your life that gently guided you in the right direction.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Emer has such a welcoming and attentive coaching style. She really knows her stuff and is very inspiring. You’re in good hands.


Emily Bryson is an English language teaching professional with over twenty years experience.  She has written five books and many online courses, including the Voices series for National Geographic Learning. She runs training courses which help ELT Professionals to harness the superpowers of Graphic Facilitation, and also uses her graphic recording skills to present information in an accessible and engaging format.

All the artwork in this article has been created by Emily.


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