We spoke recently with Alexandra Sandys, who attended Draw Out Your Future in May 2021, to ask some questions about her experience.




What motivated you to attend the programme in the first place? What problems were you experiencing that you hoped the programme would address?
In 2020, I had made some big changes in my life and thought I knew the direction I was heading. However, I had a difficult start to 2021 which impacted greatly on me and affected my confidence. I had previously attended some shorter sessions with Emer and had found them to be joyful and uplifting, so when the Draw Out Your Future course was offered again I jumped at the opportunity, hoping that it would rekindle my spark.

How were these problems affecting you?
I had no vision for how my future would be and was feeling very lost and demotivated.

What other solutions did you consider?
I considered doing some one to one coaching but felt that being in a group and engaging with the experience of drawing would be of most benefit.

What reservations, if any, did you have about joining the programme?
I had some reservations about joining the programme because I knew I would not be able to attend a couple of the sessions and also because I was feeling so demotivated I was worried that I would not keep up with the tasks in between the sessions. I was reassured that I would be able to catch up by watching the session playbacks and that the amount of time spent on tasks between sessions was manageable and largely down to me.



What elements of the programme really resonated with you?
I really resonated with the way Emer helped us to think about our values and what is important to us. Doing this with the visual templates was very helpful and I loved creating them and having a visual reminder.

What, if anything, surprised you about the programme?
I was surprised by how much I looked forward to the sessions and by how much impact using the visual templates had.

What did it feel like to be a participant on Draw Out Your Future?
Emer has a very natural, relaxed and engaging facilitation style that made me feel comfortable online in a group of people that I didn’t know to start with. It felt like we were taken on an exhilarating journey where we were invited to set aside all limitations and allow our imaginations to visualise the kind of life we wanted to create. There were then loads of practical tips and tools to enable us to take the steps to make this happen.

What would you say have been the impacts for you in Drawing Out Your Future? (personally/professionally)?
The impact of attending Drawing Out Your Future on a personal level has meant that I am well on the way to achieving my goal of improving my physical fitness level. I have increased my training and entered my first triathlon event in over 5 years. On a professional level, I have identified a change in direction that I wish to follow, developing a seasonal and nature-based approach to teaching yoga. I have just applied (and been accepted) to train with the Institute of Forest Bathing to become a guide which I believe will complement this approach.



How would things be different for you now if you decided not to join Draw Out Your Future?
I think if I hadn’t joined Draw Out Your Future I would not have set the clear goals that I did, or had the motivation to take the first steps to make them a reality.

What would you say to someone who is considering going on the programme?
It’s a brilliant way to give yourself the time and space that you deserve to consider the direction you want your life to go. The drawing aspect is fun and creative and introduced in such a way that it never feels daunting.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you Emer for creating such an inspiring and nurturing course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to create more joy in their life or needs some support to get back on track.


Alex Sandys is a freelance Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a Yoga Teacher and a Storyteller. Alex is working towards combining her skills to enhance people’s connection with the natural world and improving their mental wellbeing.

All the artwork in this article has been created by Alex.


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