We caught up with Beth Collier, who attended Secrets of Simple Graphics Online in June 2020, to ask some questions about her experience.

What motivated you to attend the training in the first place? What problems were you experiencing that you hoped the training would address?
enjoyed drawing as a child but stopped when I was about 10 years old. I always thought I had more enthusiasm for drawing than natural talent!

How are you using what you’ve learned?
It’s sparked my curiosity for more artistic endeavours – and renewed the joy I once found for drawing. I’ve done more drawing (including Emer’s videos) with my daughter, and a Picasso painting class. I did a hand-lettering course, a course on making GIFs, and I’ve also been teaching myself how to use Canva.


What kind of results are you getting? What kind of feedback are you getting?
I’m having fun and I’m learning – and that was the goal.

I have shared a few of my drawings on LinkedIn, and I hope it encourages people to try drawing – regardless of their ability. I believe they can improve their skills – and use drawing or other artistic endeavours to have fun.

What would you say to someone who is considering going on the training?
Go for it! Emer is a kind and supportive coach, and you CAN learn how to draw simple graphics.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you, Emer!


Beth Collier is a communication, creativity, and leadership consultant based in London. Through team workshops and 1:1 coaching, she helps her clients become more capable and confident speakers and writers, and more creative thinkers and leaders. She weaves her experiences from 15+ years in the corporate world (and plenty of pop culture references) into her writing, which can be found on her website.

All the artwork in this article has been created by Beth.


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