We caught up with Anat Shabi, who attended Secrets of Simple Graphics Online in June 2020, to ask some questions about her experience.

Anat Shabi SOSG June 2020 Case Study 2

What motivated you to attend the training in the first place? What problems were you experiencing that you hoped the training would address?
As a facilitator, I used to spend hours guiding and capturing group learnings on flipcharts (remember those?) I wanted to simplify the communications and believed that simple graphics would add an element of clarity and fun.

Whilst I loved the idea of graphics, I lacked confidence in my ability and had no idea how or where to begin.

How are you using what you’ve learned?
Simple graphics now feature in many of my social media posts. They make for a refreshing change and get my ideas across with greater clarity. Prior to this, I used to spend ages looking for the right image to go with my post. Now I can just create it.

More recently, I have created postcards with build instructions for mindful Lego®SeriousPlay exercises. Postcards are pretty small and as such I couldn’t squeeze much information onto them. The use of graphics helped simplify the text and introduce an added element of fun.

Anat Shabi SOSG June 2020 Case Study 4


What kind of results are you getting? What kind of feedback are you getting?
It seems that people are more appreciative of a post that looks a little different. My social media posts which include graphics tend to generate more responses.

In addition, at a time when most communications occur online, the use of graphics has injected light-heartedness into my presentations, appreciated by my audience.

Anat Shabi SOSG June 2020 Case Study 1

What would you say has been the overall impact of using visual thinking/simple graphics in your work?
Simple graphics have enhanced my communications. They are a great attention grabber and have worked well to help simplify wordy narratives.

On a personal level, the use of simple graphics has boosted my confidence in my ability to draw. It is a fun, colourful and mindful exercise which has stimulated my creative thinking with surprising results.

What would you say to someone who is considering going on the training?
Just do it! Emer is a wonderful guide, making the learning journey simple, exciting, and easy. You will be surprised at your own creativity!

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you Emer for making something that seemed beyond my reach attainable, and so much fun.

Anat Shabi SOSG June 2020 Case Study 3

Anat Shabi is a business development facilitator and coach based in London. She works closely with Healthcare managers to help build strong platforms for team growth and success.  Her workshops are enriched using Lego®SeriousPlay, an innovative and creative tool that helps to explore thinking, expand on ideas, and build strong connections.

All the artwork in this article has been created by Anat.


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