I sometimes like a little background TV.

Recently I caught some of Roman Kemp’s Our Silent Emergency documentary – the emergency being the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men in the UK.

I loved the suggestion of using a Double OK.


The Double OK


When we chat with friends one of the first things we often say is, ‘You ok?’

It rattles off the tongue; we get a ‘Fine yeah’ in response, followed by a ‘Yourself?’.

We respond with ‘Not too bad yeah’ and then we enter the meat of the conversation.

It’s a precursory kind of ping pong chit chat.

Some of the men in the documentary shared that they now use a ‘Double Ok’ when chatting with friends.

Ask. And then ask again.

Really ask, and really listen to the response.

Give it a go, and tune in to the difference it makes to the quality and depth of your conversations.