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My love of visual thinking stems from a deep curiosity about the world around me, something I’ve had as a child. Art was a favourite subject in school; I later did a degree in philosophy, and soon after realised that my career path would never be a traditional one.

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Today I work with individuals and organisations on the cusp of change who are itching to tap into the creativity and bring their future into the present.


Typically they are big thinkers who challenge the status quo. They may be experiencing:

  • A yearning for more creativity in their lives
  • Uncertainty around what the future holds
  • Overwhelm
  • A lack of space or time to reflect 

It starts with a thought, an idea, a niggling feeling ‘Something needs to change and I need a safe space to explore this.’

I provide that safe space.

Emer, I just wished to email you and thank you for the excellent facilitation of this course – I am receiving some amazing feedback from my team after their attendance.

My team (SCL) are really valuing what they learn and I know you are aware we are championing how they put what they learn into practice 🙂

Jayne Cashmore

Simplify Customer Life | Design | CAO,Personal & Business Banking | Services, RBS

Over 83% of people think in pictures.

Grey doodle curly whirly


I use hand drawn visuals in everything I do. 


Hand drawn visuals are not just for visual learners or ‘creative types’ or artists. They are for you and me.


I don’t have a background in art but I do know the power of a simple image.


I have started and failed so many times and I recognise the value this brings.  I am your champion!

A brilliantly enjoyable, experiential day in a very safe and clever pair of hands.
Mairead Turner

MLPI, Freelance Trainer

I reguarly invest in my own learning, having trained with Christina Merkley (Shift-It Coach) – a leader in the field of visual thinking – I also now count Diane Bleck (the Doodle Institute) and Heather Martinez (Level Up Your Lettering) as my mentors.

When I’m not scribbling on a wall you’ll find me unwinding at a hot yoga class, conjugating verbs at my Spanish intercambio group or running around Inverleith park of a Friday lunchtime.

We’ve only got one life. Let’s spend it doing what we love.

If you’re curious about dipping your toe into the wonderful world of visual thinking why not fill out the contact form below. We’ll have a quick exchange by email to help us decide if a longer conversation makes sense.

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