Icebreakers for virtual training¬† – what’s the verdict?

In my opinion, it’s even more important to have an icebreaker for a virtual training session than it is for an in person one.


When we partake in virtual learning sessions we miss out on the in person chit chat we have in real life, whilst grabbing a coffee or getting settled in a room before the training session kicks off. It is this interaction that helps us to build rapport and get to know one another.

Icebreakers are not just for online training by the way; a well-placed icebreaker at an online meeting can similarly help to boost engagement and start the meeting off on a collaborative note.

A fun icebreaker for you to try

Today I thought I’d share with you a fun one I used recently with participants from Secrets of Simple Graphics. Here’s how to run it, step by step.

Bananas Icebreaker

  1. Get a picture of a banana (from a free stock images site or simply draw one).
  2. Open up a blank PowerPoint presentation and copy and paste the bananas as many times as there are participants at your session (you want one banana per participant). Save as a .jpg.
  3. Share the .jpg during your meeting and simply invite participants to personalise a banana each using the Annotation tool.
  4. Admire everyone’s creations!

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